Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Serious note today

I fully intended to come into work and tell you all about my strange dream but it completely left my head when I saw this..

This has to be the worst thing I have ever seen. These poor young puppies being thrown into the river by a girl that can only be described as sadistic, they are crying for their mother and she carries on throwing them...All I can think of is how they must feel when they hit that water, my heart is actually hurting.

They haven't found this bitch yet but when they do there will not be a severe enough punishment for her, its scary how many of these disgusting acts on animals are coming to the surface since the cat in bin fiasco. I urge you all if you see anything like this please report it to the RSPCA or the Police. I'm disgusted that there are people like this out there and that are the same species as me.

If you have a puppy please give him/her a big cuddle and a kiss, they are lucky to have someone like you :)  

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