Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Mid-Mid-life crisis, zombies and spiders

Good Morning all, sorry about no posts recently, I'd like to say I've been too busy but that would be a lie. The truthful reason is busy playing warcraft :P.

Yesterday was a bad day...something twigged yesterday, after being at my new job for 27 days now I've probably worked about 5 days and the rest I've had nothing to do. Sounds sweet doesn't it? Well that's what I thought but its starting to wear on me now and I am actually feeling quite depressed. I've had to stop taking holiday as I've noticed I've already taken 3 days off, and that's not good! So after spending nearly 3k on my web design course I'm deciding this may not be the right thing for me. Or it could be! I don't know I'm stuck here doing marketing things I have no clue about and the people running this business definitely have no clue about. So it's just shit really, if they knew what they wanted to do and what they wanted from me this would be a nicer job but its basically get on with it. Get on with what?!....Exactly. So feeling frustrated and down and basically want to get out, but I'm going to stick it for 6 months at least I guess I owe them that much. 

Sooo last night. I woke up at 3am by the sensation of something on my could have been a hair, it could have been the duvet but in my heart of hearts I knew it was an effing gurt spider. I was up in a shot frantically brushing my face off, then went to the toilet to pee...I swear I felt a spider web on my face...So I got back into bed after searching with the dim light from my phone for giant, black, many-legged, beasts of evil, no away with it Mr Spider...this time. After that I had what can only be described as a freaking epic zombie dream. Basically, I think I was going to catch a train/plane (some sort of transport) and everyone was moving through these big glass tubes, like a covered shopping centre. We all saw the air outside turn misty and the people outside started to turn into the blood spewing zombies from 28 days/weeks later. So then the running commenced. The tubes were like a maze and we kept running from these zombies, until we thought we were safe...the glass above us started to crack and this misty air got in turning more people to zombies, so we ran and ran some more. I actually remember thinking in my dream "if this was a movie these actors would have to be bloody fit" haha! It was quite a long dream so in a nutshell, me and some other survivors decided to fight back. We ventured outside when we could see the mist had gone and calculated a cunning plan to kill these zombies. We snuck up on them but they escaped, the ambush site was a big house with a swimming pool so we all got in the pool...dunno why, seems the last thing you would want to do with zombies about. We all started to talk about the people who we left behind etc and then I woke up! There was an amphibious car in there somewhere but I have no idea where haha can you tell I'm a gamer?

Hope that made for an interesting if weird read, I'm going back to making stuff up to do...but at least I have a Stephen King audio book to listen to today so shouldn't go to insane ciao! 

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