Thursday, 16 September 2010

Rant + Near death experience!!

Unfortunately, when me and Sam walk to work we are surrounded by school and college kids. The girls with their croyden face lifts and pink pyjamas and the boys in their white shell suits with their hands in their bloody pants!!! Just gross! It should be illegal, next time I see them I will report them to the police saying they are outside the school staring at the kids fondling their bits! Oh and the other thing, walking down the street blaring out their crap chav music! No one wants to hear that rubbish, I'm pretty sure your £30 Samsung came with a pair of headphones so bloody use them! ARGHHH and a stupid bus ran a red light this morning just as I stepped into the road, my life flashed before my eyes I swear. I hate this grotty little town, one day we will move away to a nice quiet village where we won't be surrounded by thieving, car crashing Polish people and we won't get burgled! Chav's will only be a rumour of evil in a far off world, and I can have lots of Pugs and Chickens in the garden :) heaven. If I achieve that at some point in my life I will be truly happy :). Peace out folks, remember to call the cops on those willy fiddling teenagers! :p 

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