Friday, 3 September 2010

size 6 here I come...

So after failing at numerous diets, including slimming world, no bread diet etc I'm going back to the one that works. Paul Mckenna's I can make you thin. I did this "diet" a few years back and the pounds just melted off, but I basically stopped it due to laziness I think, so back on it!! It's really fun to do you just need to follow the 4 rules:

1. When you are hungry, eat
2. Eat what you want, not what you think you should
3. Eat consciously, and enjoy every mouthful
4. When you think you are full, stop eating

Simple eh? It is but it's easy to fall off the wagon, so I'm going to try it for the next 3 weeks and carry on with Curves for the next 3 weeks and I won't weigh myself til my last Curves session, and hopefully at least 7lbs will have vanished :) wish me luck!  

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