Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Feel like this today....

I just don't understand!!! I always used to be soo skinny and a few years back I did indeed balloon to look like the above. But I worked really hard and got down to 8st 6, but I still wanted to be I wish I was that weight again. I am now 9st 6 and I have no idea why :(. I'm eating healthier than I have in years, I'm doing more exercise than I ever have but I'm just not loosing the weight. So I though ah, its because I'm putting on muscle but no! Weighed in at curves last week lost quarter of inch of arms, thighs and waist but body fat went up 2%, I mean what the frick! 

Actually getting really down about this, just feel fat and frumpy no matter what I'm wearing, and the only thing I can think of to do is just to stop eating! And I won't because that slows down your metabolism and has the opposite effect *sigh*. This is freaking bull shit, I wish I had a device that fits on like a glove, then you pass it over your body and it kind of sluices away excess fat. Would leave a nasty mess on the floor but you would look stunning!! Would make me a rich person as well...

Only thing I can think of to do now (other than trying to invent the above) is to go cold turkey with the junk food....that's right no more takeaways, coke, crisps, chocolate - or anything tasty until I have finished my 6 weeks at Curves. If I haven't lost half a stone and literal inches in the next 3 weeks I will just jump off a bridge. Pray for me. 

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