Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Today is the day..

Took Hogan in for his Surgery consultation today, and turns out he's having it done today!!! Panic! If you haven't bothered to read back in my blogs (and I don't blame you) my pug has hip dysplasia and has to have some form of surgery. 

So we went over to Devizes this morning and saw a lovely Surgeon called Ian, he told us there were 3 options : hip replacement, pin the joint together or remove the top of his leg bone. The first 2 would cost us a lovely sum of £4000!!! So we went for number 3 as he said it would be fine for a dog his size and is a lot cheaper! So left my baby and now home trying to get more time of work to look after him. Will receive a call from Ian at around 3pm so will update then unless I've chewed my fingers off by then :p


My puppy is fine all went well :) the surgeon even said that he didn't thing it was dysplasia so we won't have an issue with the right one in future! Good stuff! My poor little guy is just sleeping it off we will be leaving to get him in 20 mins, have missed him sooo much!! 

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